Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Toolbars don't work under MagiC

I coded a very simple toolbar test program for XaAes and N.Aes because I wanted to make sure they both handle them correctly. The developer of XaAes was also interested in such a test program. As it turns out they both handle toolbars quite ok.

However it totally does not work under MagiC. The call wind_set(WF_TOOLBAR...) actually returns an error condition.

A quote from The Atari Compendium:
"This mode attaches a toolbar to the specified window. parm1 and parm2 contain the high and low WORD of the address of the toolbar OBJECT tree respectively. parm3 and parm4 are unused.Set parm1 and parm2 to 0 to remove a toolbar."

This call works in Atari's AES, N.Aes, and XaAes, and maybe even Geneva? But not under MagiC. Yet another example of MagiC's lack of documented AES system calls. :o(

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