Saturday, September 06, 2014

Updated GFA Compiler package

Updated GFA Compiler package, the highlights are:

GFA Compiler r25
Version number re-sync'd with linker, no other changes.

GFA Linker r25
There's now a version of the linker just for the FireBee.
TAS instructions recoded. It is finally stable on the FireBee! Thanks to Vincent for the help.

GFA Library r12
TAS instruction recoded.

GFA Interpreter r12
First release of the interpreter for the FireBee.
TAS instruction recoded.
Random crashes with extremely low string memory fixed.

See documentation for a full list of changes.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

GFA Interpreter now runs on the FireBee

I have built a FireBee version of the runonly interpreter. If anyone wants to test it, it is here:

See the readm_me.txt file for instructions.

Friday, April 18, 2014

New GFABASIC releases

I have released an update to the GFA Compiler and Library.

Compiler changes:
Added support for Henk's linker aka AHCL. Many thanks to Henk for adding GFA support and his help leading to this release. Fixed a start up code issue that caused desk accessories builds to crash.

Library changes:
Fixed another start up code issue that caused desk accessories builds to crash under magic. Many thanks to Pierre Ton-That for reporting the problems with desk accessory builds and all the additional testing.

Direct download link (Compiler r24/Library r10):  [Download]

GBE v1.60 released as well.

Accepts the new compiler option recently added.

Crash under aranym+emutos squashed when typing.

Direct download link: [Download]