Saturday, November 24, 2007

Web Site Updated

Did some more work on the web pages. Hopefully a bit better organized. I moved all of the file download links to the page named 'Downloads' which seems the most logical place to find them.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Web Site Updated

I tried to come up with a simple way to track downloads, however due to the large number of bots, crawlers, and e-mail harvesters this proved impossible. They surf every link on the site and generate false hits on a daily basis. Some crawlers do not adhere to the meta tag standards for blocking access. Typical. :o(

I have installed a script which forces a real human to enter a pass code in order to download files. Unfortunately this is the only way to get accurate statistics. It's better than asking for e-mail addresses. ;o)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

GFA-BASIC Compiler v3.6 r14 released

GFA-BASIC Compiler release 14 notes:

Missing procedures and labels are now detected
RESTORE missing_label !fixed
Program would still run, but the wrong DATA line was restored
GOTO/RESUME missing_label !fixed
ON ERROR/ON BREAK GOSUB missing_proc !fixed
EVERY/AFTER x GOSUB missing_proc !fixed
ON MENU GOSUB missing_proc !fixed
ON x GOSUB missing_proc1,missing_proc2 !fixed
These were all fatal! -> JSR 0.L or JMP 0.L
Code removed which was suppose to skip spaces in '$F%' and '$X'
Code always failed anyway, thus this never worked '$ F%'
Added error code -3 (Procedure or label undefined)